Vegan Cruelty Free Hand mixed Nail Polish, Soy wax melts, aromatherapy and more

I have always been into nail polish. I still remember my first revlons and wet an wilds.
As a mom of a special needs son who is now 11 every bit of income provides us tiny bits more of time together.
I had one very successful shop that catered to bath and body and candles.
One day a great friend told me about handmade nail polish and I seriously spent a year thinking about it.
Once my shop opened it took some time to get everything right.... Now, seven years's afforded me not just a great creative outlet, but a second income that allows my husband to take one extra day off a week for us to spend together.
I never knew I'd be where I am at now, closing bulk orders with salons, being widely reviewed all over the internet, love what I'm doing EVERY SINGLE DAY! one little bottle of polish at a time

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